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Tory tyler Ft. Bless
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Influenced by all angles

Tory Tyler is a lyricist, producer, and vocalist. He is influenced by works of all sorts, but his main inspiration comes from Kanye West, ABSRDST, and Travis Scott. He spends countless hours studying, observing and experimenting to create his ideal sound. One that is unique, beautiful, and rich. His style changes as he does, so you never know what to expect next!

Tory's  first debut EP, "My Beautiful Day" drops 11.11.16. So set your calendar and get ready to experience a new realm of creativity.



  • 9.15.16

    Tory Tyler

  • 7.5.16

    Tory tyler ft. Bless
    By My Side (Original Mix)

  • 6.24.16

    Crash (Tory Tyler Remix)

  • 5.11.16

    Tory Tyler
    Leave the World Behind

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